Terraced board – thermoash 0.8 x 4.7 x 118.1 inch (20 х 120 х 3000 mm).


Terraced board – thermoash 0.8 x 4.7 x 118.1 inch (20 х 120 х 3000 mm). The price is in USD per 1 ft².

Terraced board – thermoash length is from 800 to 3000 mm. Breeds – extra. Good for terraces, verandas, decking by the pool.

Thickness, inch Width, inch Length, inch
0.8 3.1 31.5-118.1
0.8 3.5 31.5-118.1
0.8 3.9 31.5-118.1
0.8 4.3 31.5-118.1
0.8 4.7 31.5-118.1
0.8 5.1 31.5-118.1
0.8 5.5 31.5-118.1
0.8 5.9 31.5-118.1
Thickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm
20 80 800-3000
20 90 800-3000
20 100 800-3000
20 110 800-3000
20 120 800-3000
20 130 800-3000
20 140 800-3000
20 150 800-3000


Thermoash is an innovative product that has proven itself in the USA and other developed countries from the best side.
As a result of processing by high temperatures, ash acquires quite unique characteristics that allow it to be used outdoors without additional chemical protection.
Products from thermoash are not afraid of water, cold, heat. In order to preserve the unique appearance for a long time, the terrace board is processed with environmentally clean oil for the terraces based on linseed oil. You do not need to forget that in any case — it is still a natural product, which periodically requires care.
Once every three to four years, you need to wash off the old layer of oil and apply a new one, according to the instructions. Having a more dense structure and a uniform dark color throughout the thickness, thermoash easily restores its original appearance after several years of operation and small prophylaxis for care.

After preliminary consultation and ordering, delivery of products to any city of the USA is possible by delivery services. Approximate calculation of the cost of delivery and terms can be ordered from us.

Additional Information
Thermoash is a popular type of wood for outdoor use. Thermoash — beautiful, dense, solid, predictable in processing and easy-to-care material. The wide distribution of thermoash in the world is due to the fact that it is much better than exotic breeds in its qualities and appearance, but it is easier to process, not resinous and not oily.
For several years, thermoash has become one of the most recognizable types of wood in architecture, parquet and furniture production. (For example, the Italian furniture factory «B&B» in the collection of 2018-19 actively uses the dark thermoash).
The thermoash in rooms with high humidity — baths, showers, and pools — has perfectly proved itself. Thermoash completely replaces the ceramic tile. (For example, in the new Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, all the toilets and bathrooms are made of thermoash.)

Working characteristics
Thermoash amenable to machine treatment, fastening with nails and screws, gluing; can be polished to complete the furnish. Dries quite easily with minimal loss of quality. Deformation during operation is negligible.

Warranty on thermoash for outdoor use 25-30 years.


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