Clapboard thermoash 0.8 inch 3.9-7.1 inch (20 mm 100-180 mm).



Clapboard thermoash 0.8 inch 3.9-7.1 inch  (20 mm 100-180 mm). The price in USD per 1 ft².

The front panel clapboard is a natural material for decoration
a wide variety of buildings. You can buy facade clapboard for horizontal and vertical wall cladding of private houses, cottages, bathhouses and other low-rise buildings, for the construction of flooring for terraces, fences, cozy gazebos and even for decorating the premises from the inside.
Decoration the facade with the help of a clapboard is the absence of sharp edges, and the small thickness of the material makes it possible to facilitate the construction of the “ventilated facade” system. For the manufacture of front boards, we use high-strength materials: thermopine and heat-treated ash.

After preliminary consultation and ordering, delivery of products to any city of the USA is possible by delivery services. Approximate calculation of the cost of delivery and terms can be ordered from us.

Additional Information
Thermoash is a popular type of wood for outdoor use. Thermoash — beautiful, dense, solid, predictable in processing and easy-to-care material. The wide distribution of thermoash in the world is due to the fact that it is much better than exotic breeds in its qualities and appearance, but it is easier to process, not resinous and not oily.
Facades of thermoash is a trend in the latest architectural solutions in the world. When choosing a facade from thermoash, you emphasize that you highlight the exterior from the common, gray mass of the same type of buildings.



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